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Is Affordable BMP Software Possible for SMEs?

Is Affordable BMP Software Possible for SMEs?

If you’re a founder, manager, director or someone with decision-making abilities in your company – we’re going to banish the thoughts holding you back from investing in a BMP solution for your business.

Myth: BMP Software Is Too Pricey.

Have you thought about investing in a Business Management Platform (BMP) Software? But stopped yourself because it was too expensive?

This simply isn’t true anymore.

Technology has soared in recent years.

This means that SMEs will never run out of ways to grow their businesses affordably, whilst still enjoying the same comprehensive features.

Given that fact, Enterpryze still understands that business owners and entrepreneurs might still find themselves in a tricky financial spot when it comes to investing in new resources.

If you’re looking at a business software that’s still too expensive for your business — it might be the wrong one for your needs.

That’s why Enterpryze has a range of tailored affordable business and BMP software packages, suitable for every business type.

Choose Enterpryze’s Affordable BMP

Our affordable business management solution packages are designed to give you the tools you need to run your business, with options to add more when you need them.


Get insights into your performance and track profitability, assets & liabilities. Manage multiple currency accounts, get direct bank feeds and manage outgoing payments to keep bank accounts and your business aligned with each other.

This includes Chart of Accounts, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reporting.

Enterpryze also provides comprehensive reporting for more analytical users. With 5 levels of cost centres, project reporting and a tiered general ledger, you can slice and dice your data to ensure every aspect of your business is performing to its optimum level.

Perfect for Small Businesses, Business Accountants & Retailors.


Track every item from order to sale, even across multiple locations. You can also sell your items through our app or POS and get paid by QR code or credit card.

Be on top of your game by knowing changing margins, stock availability, currencies and the value of each stock item in your business.

There’s also the option to track stock across multiple locations and sell it in lots of different ways.

All in real-time configured the way you need it to be.

  • Sell by entering an order in Enterpryze.
  • Manage stock in-store with Shopify POS, Square or Enterpryze Point of Sale solution.
  • Sell online with integration to Shopify.
  • Access features 24/7 using our mobile app with built-in digital payments like Stripe, Mastercard and QR codes.

Perfect for Retailors & Distribution Businesses.


Enterpryze’s BMP is an all-in-one solution so you can manage people, inventory, opportunities, suppliers, customers and cash optimally.

Not only does it have our accounting and inventory modules that help manage order to cash and purchase to pay, it comes with a wide array of additional functionality to help you manage all the aspects of your business.

  • Use CRM to track leads all the way through to getting paid.
  • Manage costs with purchasing approvals.
  • Use Expenses to track employees expenditures.
  • Service management for post-sales service.
  • Advanced billing module to enable document consolidation, batch emailing and re-occurring transactions.
  • Customise your system to track the data you need through custom fields.
  • Document storage to save customer and supplier related documents.
  • Add-ons and integrations to 3rd party platforms to extend the reach of your solution.
  • Use our API’s to build new integrations and connections that your system needs.

SAP Business One Cloud Solution

There is no doubt that SAP Business One gives companies the flexibility and power to manage their business processes.

However, there are times when users need a simple and intuitive cloud-based interface to manage daily tasks.

Connect Enterpryze to SAP B1 in minutes – and watch how users can access the data they need whilst processing key transactions; all so that they can play their part in each business process.

With the Enterpryze and SAP B1 connection, you:

  • Let all your people create Purchase Orders and manage the approval
  • Give field staff access to a powerful expense tracking app that allows them scan or upload receipts for approvals
  • Give salespeople the power to place orders and view stock levels from their mobile or laptop
  • Log, schedule and complete service calls that updates the system in real time for better tracking

Experience Affordable Business and BMP Solution Today

Book a demo with Enterpryze and discover what your business has been really missing.


Downloadable business resources

Browse through our whitepapers, eBooks and more free resources built for small to growing businesses.

Understanding the different kinds, techniques and benefits of inventory will help you manage, plan, and budget more effectively.

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Here’s how an all-in-one platform like Enterpryze powers up your entire supply chain.

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Move towards modern-day inventory management and increase operational efficiency for their entire supply chain.

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Choose the perfect plan for you

For Startups and Super Scalers we have solutions to match your ambitions. Built in the cloud to enable seamless transition to give you the power to achieve your goals. Simple for startup with an attitude for ambition.


For accountants or business owners to track cash flow and profits

Features included:
80+ Financial Reports
Submit & Track Expenses
Bank Reconciliation
Aged Receivables & Payables
Most popular

For businesses who manage, buy, sell and deliver stock from multiple warehouses

All in Accounting, plus:
Multiple Warehouses
Real-time Stock Report
Batch Traceability
Inventory Forecasting
Purchase Automation

For super-scalers to manage all business processes from one place

All in Inventory, plus:
Sales Opportunity Pipeline
Service Calls & Delivery Tracker
Advanced Purchasing and Sales
Mobile Apps for Field Staffs
Custom Fields
SAP B1 Add-On

For companies looking to extend the reach of SAP B1 to more employees

Features include:
Syncs Real-Time
Secured & Cloud-based
A Suite of Mobile Apps
Manage Expenses, Sales and CRM on-the-go
Connect to Banks & eCommerce stores

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