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Cut 60% of administrative tasks with business automation

Supported by automation and machine learning – here are some new releases you’ll enjoy from the major Automation Rising update. 

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Why 6,000+ businesses love Enterpryze's automation

Bring business costs and expenses down

Businesses lose 20-30% in revenue each year from inefficient processes. Switch to automatic methods to keep the cost of errors lower than ever.

Boost productivity across teams

Enterpryze’s automation gives you back your time – so your team has the resources to focus on the bigger picture.

Enjoy faster, automated data processing

Back up documents and data instantly, accessible by all users on the platform.


Say goodbye to human error and repetition.

And welcome lightning-speed document processing, lower costs and powerful connectivity between teams.

Automatic Email 🠮 Enterpryze Purchase Invoice Approvals

Approve, edit and reject emailed purchase invoices right from Enterpryze

Seamless Expense Scanning

Scan receipts and have your information automatically recorded from the app

One-Click Stock Reordering

Make inventory replenishing a breeze with automatic purchase order creation

Live Feeds and Notifications for Business Banking

Reconcile bank records for faster, more seamless live feeds and notifications

Customized Alerts

Allow different users access to customized notifications

Modern teams automate 40% of their business process.

Have you?

When you choose Enterpryze – you simplify more than half of the administrative tasks in your business.


Automation Rising update


Automate the processing of all your Purchase Invoices.

→ Approve, reject and edit pending invoices that are queued automatically from a central inbox

→  Supported by machine learning to remember supplier and item details


Scan, save and share expenses with zero hassle.

Scan receipts directly from the mobile app

Automatically populate information and include the photo of receipt in the expense while updating financial ledgers


Replenish inventory ahead of schedule.

Replenish items based on filters, products, warehouses and suppliers

Automate the creation of purchase orders based on sales activities


Enjoy real-time transparency for your bank feeds.

→ After bank reconciliation, get notified of new transactions

→ Enterpryze automatically suggests reconciliation matches between your bank and the platform to keep everything in sync


Customize live notifications - and stay in the loop.

Customize web notifications according to user relevancy (notify sales orders to the Sales team, banking transactions to Finance teams, etc.)

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Elevate your operations with Enterpryze's entire ecosystem

Track sales from an opportunity to cash received – or reorder your stock ahead of time  with Enterpryze’s simple approach to your entire supply chain.

Enterpryze Omichannel connects your business with all different channels

Sell across offline and online channels with Enterpryze

Bringing your sales channels together is easy with Enterpryze and our add-ons & integrations.

Visit this page to see all Enterpryze integrations.

Plans built for your every need

Invoice & Pay

Perfect for small startups and the 1-person organisation

Browser and Mobile Access

Sales and Purchase Invoicing

Customer and Supplier List

Service Item Tracking

Generate Tax Reports

Connect to your Banks

For any business that needs a simple to use feature-rich accounting solution

Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet Report

Journal Entries


Bank reconciliation

Aged Receivables and Payables


For businesses who manage, buy, sell and deliver stock

Inventory Management

Up to 5 warehouses/locations

100 Gig storage

Order to Cash

Purchase to pay

Inventory reporting

 Real-time inventory postings


For businesses who need an all-in-one dashboard to manage CRM, Service Management, Inventory, Accounting and more

Everything in Inventory, plus: 

CRM, Delivery & Service

Advanced Purchasing & Sales

Up to 50 warehouses/locations

500 Gig storage

Custom Fields

Reports and PDFs

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Watch the entire Automation Rising release

See everything that’s included in Automation Rising – the biggest update to Enterpryze yet.

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