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The Power to Take Payments for Everyone in your Business

From your sales team on the move, delivery riders, or retail shops across the country. Give everyone in your business the power to collect payments instantly, minus expensive transaction fees with mCollect X UOB in Thailand.

Collect and track payments with mCollect X in Thailand

Experience an integrated digital collections solution designed to help small businesses improve cash flow significantly through faster collections and a digital payment method that makes life simple. Connect mCollect X to everyone in your business – so payments for your SME is collected across stages.

PromptPay supported

Collect payments with PromptPay, in addition to other modes of payment

Reduced risk

Minimise risk of misplacing paper invoices, and mishandling cash and cheque

See funds instantly

Reduce waiting time for cash and cheques to be credited. Funds are credited instantly for payment with PromptPay

No expensive middlemen fees

Enjoy cheaper processing fees compared to credit cards

Available for cash on delivery

Collect payments from your customer’s doorstep

Add users and branches

Set individual permissions for each member of your team

Simple reporting

Enjoy a easy-to-use dashboard to see business performance across locations

Instant setup

No additional POS required, just install the mobile app from the App Store or Play Store

Real-time notifications

Receive real-time notifications every time payment is collected from someone in your organisation

Who is mCollect X for?

Improve your in-store customer experience.

As more customers migrate to cashless, contactless payments – mCollect X is at the forefront of easier business payments. Brick and mortar retail owners can set up their mobile app without the need for separate POS equipment; whilst viewing cash flow across different shop locations 24/7.

Be a part of the new digital normal as an F&B business.

New measures are here to stay for your F&B business. Streamline all touchpoints of your restaurant or cafe (pre-ordering, doorstep delivery, drive-through pick ups, etc.) with mCollect X. Your patrons scan, pay with PayNow and funds can instantly be seen in your dashboard.

Equip your entire fleet with one simple collections app.

No more paper invoices and bank cheques mean lesser risks of damage, misplaced documents and faster fund collections. Mobilise your entire team of delivery riders with the app, so when customers scan and pay from their doorstep – you instantly get real-time notifications on funds in your account.

mCollect X is a payment process you can trust

All your payment collections should be hassle-free. Just install, setup, add your business locations as well as users – and start accepting payments for cash on delivery or QR codes.

Seller makes delivery to buyer

Digital invoice is generated

A QR code is created from the seller

Buyer scans and pays through PromptPay

Access real-time reporting across branch locations

Digital invoice is reconciled with reports

Seller is notified about payment

Payment is credited to Seller’s mCollect X app

Seller makes delivery to buyer

Digital invoice is generated

A QR code is created from the seller

Buyer scans and pays through PayNow

Access real-time reporting across branch locations

Digital invoice is reconciled with reports

Seller is notified about payment

Payment is credited to Seller’s mCollect X app

mCollect X Thailand is contactless payments beautifully simplified

mcollect X promptpay
mCollect X Cash Payments Credit & Debit Cards
Easy to collect Simple scan to pay feature & supported with PromptPay Limited to physical stores Straightforward
Funds received instantly Receive notifications when funds are transferred Funds received are stored Funds shown in account after 2-3 days
Time and effort Instant download and setup in seconds Cash must be manually deposited into bank account Must purchase separate POS system to read or swipe cards
Reconciliation Eases reconciliation efforts Time taken to reconcile against each invoice manually Manual work involved in reconciling credit cards to match ledgers
Security Protected Risk of misplacing or damaging in transport, dangerous to transport in large amounts Protected
Transaction Fees Low processing fees Inexpensive Processing fees are high, charges are incurred to the business owner
Invoicing Generate invoices from the app Physical document or separate invoicing system needed Physical document or separate invoicing system needed
Hardware needed Use your own mobile device to collect payments easily Requires secure cash drawer Requires credit card terminal

Join the mCollect X webinar to find out more

Tune in to premium webinars hosted by Enterpryze Experts and discover how to maximise mCollect X for your business. Or, visit the Help Centre for step-by-step guides.

Enjoy mCollect X for larger sales requirements

Need more? Talk to our team and upgrade to the mCollect X Thailand solution that supports priority customer support over weekends, larger sales capacities and more features equipped to handle a bigger operation.

Join our customers in being a better business

“With mcollect our salesmen do not need to carry stacks of paper invoices with them anymore. They can simply present their digital invoices on the spot with their phone, generate a QR code and our customer just scans and pays.”
Oh Wei Chiat
Chief Operating Officer of Boong Food
“I had to commit myself to the office and even through the night to look up how much outstanding the company has and exactly who hasn’t paid. […] As for myself, with more accurate information, I can identify the areas of improvement.”
Shawn Pang
Director at GoodAir Pte Ltd
"I’ve been using Enterpryze for almost 2 years. The reason why we chose Enterpryze was because of the flexibility and simplicity. The SAP Business One integration and requirement didn’t sound challenging, it’s simple to setup."
Steve Jae
Finance Manager at La Marzocco New Zealand

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