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All-in-one Inventory Management for Better Control

Control your inventory from opportunity to cash, purchase to pay and post-sales service. Your key business processes in one cloud-based BMP inventory management software.

Track and trace your stock in real time


Automated stock re-ordering

Reorder stocks in just one click, a purchase order will be created and sent to suppliers once order quantity is decided


Track stocks across multiple warehouses

Track your stock on hand across multiple warehouses to speed up the order fulfillment process


Real-time inventory value

Access inventory report anytime for the most updated inventory value for better decision making


Real-time updates to your books

Enterpryze automatically updates your accounting journal when you receive or sell inventory, allowing for immediate tracking of sales and inventory levels, preventing stockouts.


Automated stock re-ordering process

Replenish items based on filters, products, warehouses and suppliers with a suggested order quantity. A purchase order is automatically created once the quantity is decided.


Track and trace your stocks in batches

Ensure better quality control by tracing products in batches back to manufacturers or suppliers in a timely manner. Enable batch numbers to your purchase transactions, good receipts and purchase invoices.


Sell from multiple warehouses

Track stocks in multiple warehouses and set default by employee. Ensure the stock you sell is located in the right place to ensure smooth retrieval and delivery.


View multiple channels on a single cloud platform

Consolidate all your sales channels into one place so you can manage your inventory across all your routes to markets. Enterpryze process every source in real-time to ensure accurate stocks balances and order fulfillment.


Real-time reporting on inventory levels

On top of seeing what is in stock, see the quantity that is committed to customers and what is available to sell. Sync Enterpryze with your e-commerce stores to manage omnichannel sales.


Stay in control with mobile apps

Staffs on-the-road can remain connected to your business’ activities by confirming deliveries through the mobile apps. Mobile transactions are synced real-time to the Enterpryze app, allowing for faster decision making.


Create multiple price lists in any currency

Selling internationally? Enterpryze manages all your price lists in different currencies so your customers can buy in their currencies.


Downloadable business resources

Browse through our whitepapers, eBooks and more free resources built for small to growing businesses.

Understanding the different kinds, techniques and benefits of inventory will help you manage, plan, and budget more effectively.

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Here’s how an all-in-one platform like Enterpryze powers up your entire supply chain.

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Move towards modern-day inventory management and increase operational efficiency for their entire supply chain.

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