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Run a Powerful Wholesale & Distribution Business

Streamline and automate your supply chain from opportunity to cash, purchase to pay and post-sales service with Enterpryze’s wholesale and distribution management. 

Simplify your wholesale distribution operations and increase efficiency.


Scan your purchase invoices

Save administrative time by scanning your purchase invoices into Enterpryze and it is  matched against your stock items to update quantity


Better procurement process

Prevent stock outages with faster stock re-ordering process. Enterpryze automatically creates a purchase order once the order quantity is decided


On-time delivery

Schedule deliveries to field staffs with Enterpryze drag-and-drop calendar scheduling. Drivers can confirm deliveries with mobile apps after goods are delivered


Trace your supply chain in batches

Keep records of all the suppliers you’ve purchased from, track goods and batch numbers until the moment they’ve arrived on your customer’s doorstep.


Re-order items ahead of time with real-time stock levels

Replenish items based on filters, products, warehouses or suppliers. Enterpryze even helps with automating your purchase orders based on previous sales activities.


Enjoy simple scheduling and delivery management

Get your goods delivered to a customers’ doorstep on time with easy drag-and-drop delivery scheduling – and avoid excess shipping charges with multilocation fulfilment.


Track stock and deliveries from multiple warehouses

Track stocks in multiple warehouses and set default by employee. Ensure the stock you sell is located in the right place to ensure smooth retrieval and delivery.

All-in-one supply chain management starts with Enterpryze

Perfect fit for small, medium, and large businesses that need extensive stock control features.

Warehousing & Inventory

Real-time stock availability, changes in margin, stock values and the ability to track across multiple warehouses.


Enjoy a smooth purchasing process with faster purchase reordering and the ability to scan purchase invoices into Enterpryze.

Batch Traceability

Move forward confidently by performing quality assurance stock takes and tracking expiry dates with batch traceability.

Cloud Reporting

Pull up financial reports, inventory levels and delivery schedules 24/7 with powerful reporting on a secure cloud platform.

Delivery Scheduling

Enjoy a simple drag and drop delivery scheduler to distribute your stocks to customers on-time.

Mobile apps for field staffs

Confirm delivers with our mobile app so you can get instant notification in the office. Salespeople can also check stock availability and immediately take orders on-the-go.


Downloadable business resources

Browse through our whitepapers, eBooks and more free resources built for small to growing businesses.

Understanding the different kinds, techniques and benefits of inventory will help you manage, plan, and budget more effectively.

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Here’s how an all-in-one platform like Enterpryze powers up your entire supply chain.

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Move towards modern-day inventory management and increase operational efficiency for their entire supply chain.

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Be a better business with Enterpryze

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