Activities in Enterpryze sync with Activities in SAP Business One. They can be created independently of a transaction or linked by adding it from that transaction. Activities created in SAP Business One can also be viewed through Enterpryze. You can set reminders for activities also

You can add up to 100 User Defined fields per activity and decide to have them just in Enterpryze or map them to UDF’s in SAP Business One.

Activities can be scheduled using the Enterpryze scheduler in the service module.

The activity list grid has a column chooser to allow a user to customize their view. These grids can include User defined fields. Users can search or filter the grid by any of these fields.

Through the 360 screen you can get an overview of your activities by activity type and the number of activities created over the last 12 weeks through Enterpryze Analyze

Other functions in activities

Select follow to receive a notification of any update to an activity

Self Service Visibility:
Hide or show the activity in the Enterpryze customer portal. For more information see the Customer One page

Email details of the activity to the user, the customer or a manually entered email address

Download a PDF of the activity details.

Have the activity re-occur every Week, month, quarter or year. Re-occurring transactions are created on the Saturday   of each week. Users receive an email of their created re-occurring transaction.

See the location of a customer on google maps and get driving directions

Set a reminder and receive notification through the notification Centre – Enterpryze Advyze

When to use Activities

Activities are perfect for setting reminders or taking notes against customer or a transaction. You can set activities against yourself or assign them to another user. Activities are a great way to ensure that you never forget to do something or to maintain a register of meetings, phone calls, tasks or notes.

Uses for Activities

As sub tasks within a service call

As reminders to follow up quotes, orders and any other transaction

As re-occurring meetings with customers using the scheduler– sales Representative visits

As notes or actions on leads (opportunities)

Mobile App

Activities are available on the 360 App

360 app displays all the companies, customers and users transactions in chronological order. Users can filter the feed by activities to just see the relevant information.