Leads are also known as Opportunities in SAP Business One. They are used to track a sales lead / opportunity through various defined stages. These stage are taken directly from the setup in SAP Business One. Administrators can hide certain stages if they don’t want to make them visible in Enterpryze*.

You can add up to 100 User Defined fields per activity and decide to have them just in Enterpryze or map them to UDF’s in SAP Business One. Use these fields to gather further data on your sales leads.

*Any opportunities that are in that stage will not appear in the pipeline view but will appear in the opportunity listing

There are a number of screens within the leads function

360 – You can view a list of your Leads or all the companies Leads (with access rights) in 360. there are also 3 Enterpryze Analyze dashboards that display the Weighted pipeline value, Leads by stage and the total new leads created this month. These are available   for the current logged in user and the whole company

Pipeline – This interactive screen shows the opportunity by stag or closing month. You can show and hide the leads stages and filter   opportunities by closing month. So if you have a  stage setup as “called” you can filter “called” leads by this month. Other features within the pipeline view:

  • Filter the view by customer, code or lead name
  • View more detailed information in each stage
  • Select the sales person to view or select all sales people (if you have access rights)

Key Feature: Use the pipeline view to drag and drop activities from one stage to another. This will create a new stage in SAP Business One and allow you to change the sales person and add comments if required. By selecting the ‘Plus” button you can attach an activity to the lead also. Double click the opportunity to view the details or to edit.

Leads Listing – This provide a comprehensive listing of all Leads in a grid format. Users can define the fields that appear in the grid to include   user defined fields. Any field in the grid can be searched, filtered and can also be exported to excel.

Other functions in Leads:

Select follow to receive a notification of any update to a lead

Email details of the lead to the user, the customer or a manually entered email address

Download a PDF of the lead details.

Create a quote:
Create a linked quote to the lead. The actual transaction turnover Turnover and gross profit will be applied to the   lead just like in SAP Business One and the link will be visible there too.

When to use leads

Leads are perfect for companies that need to track an inquiry through a process of stages. It allows the company to get visibility of the deals that a sales person is working on. This helps the company to forecast its future revenues, track sales peoples performance and ensure every inquiry is followed up.

*Any opportunities that are in that stage will not appear in the pipeline view but will appear in the opportunity listing

Uses for Leads

Monitor the stage that a lead is at

Ensure that all leads are followed up

Measure the performance of each sales person

Allow the business to forecast future revenue

Mobile App

Leads can be managed through the Pipeline app.

Pipeline provides a simple to use, drag and drop solution for sales people in the field. The app allows users to see their pipeline and update it on the go. No need to wait to ensure your pipeline is up to date as you can quickly and easily drag your opportunity from one stage to another on the go.

Key features

  • Create new Customers
  • Create new Leads
  • Create Activities against leads
  • Search Leads
  • Multi company: view and create leads across multiple SAP Business Databases in one view
  • Drag and drop leads from stage to stage
  • Filter Leads by SAP Business One database (companies), stages, sales people and min max amount
  • View lead by turnover or gross profit
  • View and edit user defined fields