Users can create quotes in Enterpryze either attached to leads or stand alone. Quotes are designed to provide the customer with details of an agreed price for products. Quotes are presented in either the 360 screen or in the Quotes section of the CRM module.

You can add up to 100 User Defined fields for sales transactions and decide to have them just in Enterpryze or map them to UDF’s in SAP Business One. These UDF’s are at a header level not at a line level. To facilitate additional information at a line level Enterpryze uses the comments field from SAP Business One.

Quotes supports the image function at a stock level so users can see a preview of the item they are selecting for the quote. These images are stored in Enterpryze and do not sync to SAP Business One.

Quotes can be copied to Orders in full or part. This link will be visible in SAP Business One.

The 2 screens that Quotes appear in are

360 – You can view a list of your Quotes or all the companies Quotes (with access rights) in 360. there are also 3 Enterpryze Analyze dashboards that display the Total Value of open quotes, The value of quotes created over the last 12 weeks and the Quotes won and lost this month. These are available for the current logged in user and the whole company

Quotes listing – This provide a comprehensive listing of all Quotes in a grid format. Users can define the fields that appear in the grid to include user defined fields. Any field in the grid can be searched, filtered and can also be exported to excel.

Creating or editing quotes

You can create or edit quotes in Enterpryze and view or edit quotes created in SAP Business One. The master data comes directly from SAP Business One including Customers, Stock, Special prices and tax calculations. The sales person is a user in Enterpryze and is linked to an employee record in SAP Business One’s HR record which is linked to a sales person in SAP Business One.

Key Features

Supports all SAP Business One special prices functionality

Serial numbers (doesn’t support batch. Due to be released Q4 2018)

Text line support

Multi warehouse selection at a line level

Supports Unit of measure selection

Add Related Activities

Relationship Map – view related leads, quotes and other related transactions.

Supports multi currency Quotes. (does not support customer who have multi currency defined as their currency)

Copy to, consolidated transaction creation and emailing in the Billing Feature

Uses for Quotes

Detail and email an agreed price with a customer

Ensure that the correct price is being quoted as setup in the Special Pricing

Track the level of quotations being generated by the company by week / month

Get visibility of available stock as quote is being created

Mobile Apps

Quotes are available in the Enterpryze Sell App. Users can create quotes and orders through this app.

The Sell app supports multiple SAP Business One Databases so users can view, edit and create sales quotes across multiple Databases.

Key features of Quotes in the Sell App

  • Create new customers
  • Create new Quotes
  • Create quotes offline.
  • Support special prices (when online. If offline updates before sync)
  • Email quotes directly from Mobile App
  • Add quotes to multiple databases
  • Add text lines
  • View real time stock levels by warehouse (online only)
  • Edit item description
  • View and edit user defined fields