The Trial Balance in Enterpryze replicates the setup in SAP Business One. Users can view 3 levels of chart of accounts. Drawer, level 1 and the accounts in the level with the corresponding balance.

Users can collapse and expand the trial balance to get more information on each level and drill down to transaction postings and the corresponding invoice, or journal.

Users can view the trial balance either annual or monthly. This will display all the debits and credits and balance by month.

By double clicking on the account users can see the postings for the GL account and filter those postings by date range. The results can be exported to excel. Users can also search the posting for particular information.

Users can also a reporting date for the balance sheet

Key Features

View the trial balance in a simple interface

Drill down to transaction level

Export to excel

Filter by date range

Collapse and expand the balance sheet for summary or detailed view

View the trial balance monthly or annual format

Uses for Trial Balance

For light users processing and viewing the business performance

For remote users

To give auditors remote access

For non finance senior executives

Mobile App

Enterpryze Finance provides field based users with real time access to their Aged Debtors. You can restrict the view to allow a sales person to only see their own customers.

Key features

  • View customers ageing
  • Drill down to transaction level
  • Take payment and allocate against invoices