Enterpryze has the functionality to create purchase deliveries (GRPO / GRNI). These transactions can be created in the following way

  • Directly in Enterpryze
  • Copied from a Purchase Order
  • Based on a transaction created in SAP Business One
  • From a transaction created in the Purchase App

Purchase Deliveries create a financial transaction in SAP Business One. Copying a Purchase Order to A Purchase Delivery confirms receipt into stock of products that were received from a supplier. You can receive in the products that you have physically received and leave the balance on the order to received at a later date.

A purchase Delivery will automatically accrue the value of the stock to your balance sheet until you receive the invoice from your supplier.

You can add up to 100 User Defined fields  In purchase transactions and decide to have them just in Enterpryze or map them to UDF’s in SAP Business One. These UDF’s are at a header level not at a line level. To facilitate additional information at a line level Enterpryze uses the comments field from SAP Business One.

Purchase deliveries can be copied to Purchase invoices.

Purchase delivery appear in one screen in the purchase module

Transaction Listing – This provide a comprehensive listing of all transactions in a grid format. Users can define the fields that appear in the grid to   include user defined fields. Any field in the grid can be searched, filtered and can also be exported to excel.

Key Features

Confirms receipt of goods from a purchase order

Automatically accrues the value of the goods to the accounts until the invoice is received

Provides an open items report to track invoices not received

Ensures that financials are up to date

Other functions in Deliveries

Email details of the activity to the user, the customer or a manually entered email address

Download a PDF of the activity details.

Uses for Purchase Requests and Orders

Booking goods into a warehouse

In a retail branch for taking stock directly from a supplier

For purchasers to confirm receipt of products to the finance team

To ensure financials are kept up to date

Mobile App

There Is no mobile app for purchase delivery.