Service calls in Enterpryze lets you create, view, plan and manage your field service engineers. Service calls can be created in the following way

  • Directly in Enterpryze
  • Based on a transaction created in SAP Business One
  • From a transaction created in the Purchase App

Once a service call has been created it can be assigned to a field service engineer who can access the call through their mobile app. The call can also be assigned to a browser user or a service call queue. There is also an unassigned call queue if your process requires it.

You can add up to 100 User Defined fields per Service call and decide to have them just in Enterpryze or map them to UDF’s in SAP Business One.

You can view Service Calls in 3 areas

360 – You can view a list of your Service Calls or all the companies Service Calls (with access rights) in 360. There are also 2 Enterpryze Analyze dashboards that display the Service Calls by type and the number of Service calls assigned to each person.

Service call listing – This provide a comprehensive listing of all Service Calls in a grid format. Users can define the fields that appear in the grid to include user defined fields. Any field in the grid can be searched, filtered and can also be exported to excel.

The Service Scheduler – The scheduler allows you to see a list of open Service Calls or activities and schedule them to a particular User.

Service |Analyze provides users with a host of dashboard and analytics to help manage service calls and track SLA’s

Key Features

Create Service Calls and related activities

Set and filter on service priority

Enterpryze Mobalyze Mapping to locate customers

Create and view attached Sales orders, Invoices, deliveries and credit notes directly from a service call

Attach customer equipment cards and contracts

Attach images to the call

Create contacts directly form the service call

Schedule and plan calls for engineers

Track engineer location on Mobilyze Map

Re-occurring service calls and activities

Email opening and closing service call details to customer (auto or manual)

Use Enterpryze follow to stay notified of service call updates

Other functions in Service Calls

Select follow to receive a notification of any update to an activity

Self Service Visibility:
Hide or show the activity in the Enterpryze customer portal. For more information see the Customer One page

Email details of the activity to the user, the customer or a manually entered email address

Download a PDF of the activity details.

Have the activity re-occur every Week, month, quarter or year. Re-occurring transactions are created on the Saturday   of each week. Users receive an email of their created re-occurring transaction.

See the location of a customer on google maps and get driving directions

Uses for Service Calls

Managing field service engineers

Manage re-occurring service calls

Track spare parts and van stock

Manage a helpdesk

Mobile App

Enterpryze Service allows users to access service calls and activities from the field. The app also links with the Sell and Van Sell apps to enable the user to deliver or order spare parts to a customer.

Key Features

  • View scheduled service calls in chronological order
  • Create new service calls
  • See attached Customer equipment card and check stock status of the item in all warehouses
  • Check route based on order of calls and re-plan
  • Track actual start and finish time
  • Manage sub activities
  • Update user defined fields
  • Automatically send email confirmation
  • Capture photos, signatures and customer name

New features

  • Capture service level rating
  • Deliver spare parts with integration to Van Sell App
  • Order spare parts from any warehouse with Sell App
  • View Route on Enterpryze Mobilyze Map
  • Works offline.
  • Select calls from the unassigned queue
  • Analyze Dashboards
  • Multi company– see service calls from multiple SAP Business One databases in one view