Credit Notes  in Enterpryze are similar to that of SAP Business One. You can view credit notes created in SAP Business One or create new invoices in Enterpryze.

  • Directly in Enterpryze
  • Copied from an Invoice
  • Based on a transaction created in SAP Business One

You can view Credit Notes in 2 areas

360 – You can view a list of your credit notes or all the companies credit notes (with access rights) in 360. there are also 2 Enterpryze Analyze   dashboards that display the Total New Credit notes this month and The value of credit notes created over the last 12 weeks. These   are available for the current logged in user and the whole company

Credit notes listing – This provide a comprehensive listing of all Invoices in a grid format. Users can define the fields that appear in the grid to include   user defined fields. Any field in the grid can be searched, filtered and can also be exported to excel.

Key Features

Supports all SAP Business One special prices functionality

Add Related Activities

Relationship Map – view related leads, quotes and other related transactions.

Other functions in Credit Notes

email details of the activity to the user, the customer or a manually entered email address

Download a PDF of the activity details.

Uses for Credit Notes

Support light finance users in branches