Invoices  in Enterpryze are similar to that of SAP Business One. You can view invoices created in SAP Business One or create new invoices in Enterpryze.

  • Directly in Enterpryze
  • Copied from a Delivery
  • Based on a transaction created in SAP Business One
  • Created from the Van Sell App
  • Copied from an order or a Delivery Using the Enterpryze Billing function

360 – You can view a list of your Invoices or all the companies invoices (with access rights) in 360. there are also 3 Enterpryze Analyze   dashboards that display the Total New invoices this month, The value of Invoices created over the last 12 weeks and the Total value of open Invoices. These are available for the current logged in user and the whole company

Invoice listing – This provide a comprehensive listing of all Invoices in a grid format. Users can define the fields that appear in the grid to include user defined fields. Any field in the grid can be searched, filtered and can also be exported to excel.

Aged Debt Report– Enterpryze comes equipped with an Aged Debt report. Users can view invoices by drilling down from the customer aging to transaction level. For more information see the Aged Debt report section by clicking here

Key Features

Item or service based invoicing

Supports all SAP Business One special prices functionality

Serial numbers (doesn’t support batch. Due to be released Q4 2018)> ability to edit a serial number

Text line support

Multi warehouse selection at a line level

Supports Unit of measure selection

Add Related Activities

Relationship Map – view related leads, quotes and other related transactions.

Copy an invoice to a Credit note

Batch emailing in the Billing Feature

Drill down from profit and loss to invoice

Other functions in Invoices

Select follow to receive a notification of any update to an activity

Self Service Visibility:
Hide or show the activity in the Enterpryze customer portal. For more information see the Customer One page

Email details of the activity to the user, the customer or a manually entered email address

Download a PDF of the activity details.

Have the activity re-occur every Week, month, quarter or year. Re-occurring transactions are created on the Saturday   of each week. Users receive an email of their created re-occurring transaction. These are not re-occurring Quotes In SAP Business One

Set a reminder and receive notification through the notification Centre – Enterpryze Advyze

Uses for Invoices

Support light finance users in branches

Enable sales people to track and manage aged debt

Manage re-occurring invoicing for maintenance or Contracts

Manage bank reconciliations using the Enterpryze Bank Reconciliation feature

Mobile App

Invoices are available in 3 Enterpryze Apps

In Van Sell users can create invoices directly through the app. This can only be done in online mode to ensure that the data is accurate

You can also view invoices in the finance app and use this app to collect payment from the customer. The finance app uses Stripe as its payment engine. Receipts processed through the finance app are automatically reconciled in SAP Business One

You can also view Invoices in the 360 App

Key Features of invoicing in the Van Sell App

  • Multi company (SAP Business One Database)
  • Create invoices
  • Barcode scanning
  • Serial number entry or selection
  • Create Customer
  • Capture signature and or photograph
  • Email Proof of delivery automatically
  • View and edit user defined fields
  • Works Offline

Key features of the Finance App

  • Multi company (SAP Business One Database)
  • Restricted to My customers only base don settings
  • Filter by ageing
  • Part payment
  • Track settlement discounts
  • Process cash, cheque or credit card (stripe)
  • Reconciles the transaction in SAP