The following transactions can be set to re-occur in Enterpryze

  • Quotes
  • Orders
  • Deliveries
  • Invoices
  • Service Calls
  • Activities

Please note that these are re-occurring transactions in Enterpryze and not in SAP Business One. They will create the transaction in SAP Business One but the originate in Enterpryze.

The transactions are created every Saturday and the user receives an email outlining the created transactions.

Once a transaction has been saved it can be set to repeat every week, month, quarter or year. The actual creation day or date can be set also.

The transaction can be set to automatically be emailed to the customer or you can manage this manually through the batch emailing function in the Billing module

You can view Recurring Transactions in 2 areas

Re-occurring Sales transaction, once created, can be managed in the Sales Sales Section. Here a user can view the historical transaction that have been created, any failed transactions (perhaps periods or exchange rates haven’t been set in SAP Business One) and cancel a re-occurring series.  When you are reviewing the historical transactions you can drill down to review each individual invoice.

Re-occurring Service calls and activities, once created, can be managed through the service module under re-occurring service calls.

Uses for Recurring Transactions

Preventative maintenance

Scheduled sales calls

Repeat orders

Maintenance contracts

Subscription revenues

Repetitive tasks