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Collect payments instantly with PayNow

PayNow is a simple solution in Singapore that helps your business improve cash flow and changes the way you receive payments. Enterpryze supports transactions received and sent via PayNow.


Why use PayNow?

With the partnership between UOB and Enterpryze, PayNow is available through our platform. Businesses can use account-to-account transfers via QR code to pay invoices in Singapore. With PayNow you can simply register, put in your credentials into Enterpryze and be ready to process incoming payments from your customers straight away.

Major bank participations

PayNow participates with nine banks and three NFIs in Singapore.

Transfer funds anytime, anywhere

PayNow commits to hassle-free funds transferred and received. It can be accessed 24/7 and allows real-time funds to be reflected within seconds.

One QR code for all

SMEs can use account-to-account transfers via QR code to pay invoices in Singapore.

Built for startups to super scalers

Seamlessly developed for Singaporean SMEs

PayNow is an enhanced funds transfer service widely used in Singapore that enables fund transfer easily with just a mobile number or National Registration Identity Card (NRIC). This saves users the hassle of entering a lengthy bank account number.

A tool for everyone

Receive payments from your customers or business partners directly into your SGD Corporate Account. Simply provide your UEN or SGQR code to your customers for them to make payments to you. As a result – fund transfers can be done instantly.

Real-time and instant transfers

Don’t be limited by transfers that can only be reflected during bank operating hours. PayNow allows businesses to send and receive real-time payments, 24/7 securely and without delay.

global banking

One QR Code for all

Use one QR code to accept all payments and avoid confusion. Get an instant confirmation that the money is in your account by simply including a generated QR code on your invoice, so your customer can scan it at a time that suits them.

Enterpryze is PayNow ready

All Enterpryze package integrates perfectly with PayNow, providing a seamless payment process. See invoices automatically reconciled, customer balance updated and auto-matched bank reconciliation.

See PayNow in action

Check out how PayNow works seamlessly in our daily lives.

PayNow is available on mCollect X

Collect and track payments with mCollect X. Enjoy built-in reporting, real-time notifications and transaction summary.

Download the free mCollect X app

Start small, grow big

For Startups and Super Scalers we have solutions to match your ambitions. Built in the cloud to enable seamless transition to give you the power to achieve your goals. Simple for startup with an attitude for ambition.

Invoice & Pay

Sales and Purchase invoicing, payments and Banking

Perfect for the Startup and 1 person organisation
Features include:
 Browser and mobile access
 Sales and Purchase Invoicing
 Customer and supplier payments
 PayNow and InvoiceNow
 Bank Reconciliation with UOB bank feed
 Outgoing payments with UOB

Accounting, multi currency, project costing, expenses and more

For any business that needs a simple to use feature rich accounting solution
All in Invoice & Pay, plus:
 Browser and mobile access
 Accounting and Expenses
 Multi currency
 Sales and Purchasing
 Bank reconciliation
 Enhanced reporting
 Cost centres and project reporting

Comprehensive Inventory Management seamlessly integrated to financials

Ideal for inventory. Business that buy, sell and manage stock
All in Accounting, plus:
 Inventory Management
 Up to 5 warehouses/locations
 100 Gig storage
 Order to Cash
 Purchase to pay
 Inventory reporting
 Real-time inventory postings

CRM, Service Management and enhanced functions for scaling companies

For Growing businesses looking for everything on one solution
All in Inventory, plus:
 CRM, Delivery & Service
 Advanced Purchasing and Sales
 Up to 50 warehouses/locations
 500 Gig storage
 Custom Fields
 Reports and PDF’s

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