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Get your business on the map with government schemes and grants

When you get started with Enterpryze, you kickstart digital adoption in your business. Check your eligibility below to see if you qualify for government-supported grants for SMEs in Singapore. 

Who is eligible for business grants in Singapore?

Work better with the Start Digital programme.

Create, send and receive invoices in a flash.

Streamline your freelance or 1-person business with Enterpryze together with the Start Digital programme. Get notified when your invoice gets paid, send beautiful ones of your own and track your entire business’ cashflow – even from your smartphone.

Drive digital adoption with the Start Digital programme.

Master your SME’s entire cashflow, profitability and online banking.

Enterpryze together with the Start Digital programme allows for SMEs to truly explore their digital efforts by migrating business banking, accounting and invoicing into one single solution.


Get support from the Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB) scheme.

Access an all-powerful solution to manage inventory and suppliers if your industry is qualified under the Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB) scheme. 

Streamline delivery processes and experience e-Payment and e-Invoicing features to help you support your business through a digitally demanding economy.

Get competitive with the Start Digital programme.

It’s time to sell your accounting services like a pro. 

Digitalising your accounting firm allows for better management of client workflow and high-performance reporting. When you migrate to Enterpryze’s simple solutions – you get the opportunity to sell your accounting services with more confidence than ever.

Be a bigger part of the Singaporean digital economy

Step 1

View the benefits of each scheme – and register your interest with Enterpryze.

Step 2

Our Enterpryze Experts will get back to you to understand the best package for your needs.

Step 3

Start using your Enterpryze solution instantly.

Government grants for SMEs in Singapore at a glance

Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB)

The Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB) is developed to enhance the digital capabilities of organisations in the Food Services and Retail sectors – as they are more impacted by current social distancing and lockdown measures by the Singaporean government.

Why register for DRB with Enterpryze? 

  • Pre-approved Solution Provider for Category 1 Accounting & Inventory.
  • Pre-approved Solution Provider for Category 2 PEPPOL e-Invoicing.
  • Enjoy secure navigation with a pre-approved network provider.
  • Integrated with PayNow QR code to receive payments within seconds.
  • More e-Payment and e-Invoicing features for digital payment options
  • Full inventory management for Food Services and Retail enterprises to enable inventory synchronisation.
  • No application needed.

The DRB initiative has concluded on 30 June 2021. The last payout will take place in July 2021.

Start Digital Programme

The Start Digital Programme is supported by Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to encourage SMEs to improve adoption of digital solutions including e-payment and e-invoicing methods.

Why register for Start Digital with Enterpryze? 

  • Free 12-month subscription on Accounting package (worth $480).
  • Free 12-month subscription on Invoice & Pay mobile app to build, send and receive beautiful invoices.
  • Receive daily, real-time updates from your UOB business bank.
  • PayNow and InvoiceNow features to collect digital payments on-the-go
  • No application needed.

Enjoy grants for SMEs in Singapore with Enterpryze

Why digitalise your SME with Enterpryze?

Access secure, real-time banking data on the cloud

Supported by the Singaporean government body – Enterpryze offers risk-free tools meant to digitalise your day-to-day banking transactions; so that you can view live updates as they happen in your business. 

Enjoy more savings on subscription fees

Your growing business doesn’t need expensive solutions to stay competitive. If you’re eligible for any grants for SMEs in Singapore collaboration with Enterpryze – you get to enjoy savings in the form of a 12-months free subscription or 80% subsidy off your plan.

Stay competitive with our Maturity Model

Adopt a business and accounting solution that grows with you. That means hassle-free upgrades when your business demands more features and tools – so that you’re on top of customers, clients, orders and all financial transactions 100% of the time.

Boost productivity with mobile solutions

Collaborate with different users from your organisation in real-time, and even on mobile. Take faster action with lightning speed analytics, eliminate unnecessary admin work and supercharge your entire workday with digitalisation.

Reach more customers with our no-hassle upgrade solution

With our well-defined Maturity Model, seamlessly upgrade according to your customers’ needs. No need to change systems, Enterpryze scales with you.

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Join our customers in being a better business

“I had to commit myself to the office and even through the night to look up how much outstanding the company has and exactly who hasn’t paid. […] As for myself, with more accurate information, I can identify the areas of improvement.”
Shawn Pang
Director at GoodAir Pte Ltd
“With mcollect our salesmen do not need to carry stacks of paper invoices with them anymore. They can simply present their digital invoices on the spot with their phone, generate a QR code and our customer just scans and pays.”
Oh Wei Chiat
Chief Operating Officer of Boong Food
"I’ve been using Enterpryze for almost 2 years. The reason why we chose Enterpryze was because of the flexibility and simplicity. The SAP Business One integration and requirement didn’t sound challenging, it’s simple to setup."
Steve Jae
Finance Manager at La Marzocco New Zealand

Be a better business with Enterpryze

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