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Claim up to $5,000 for your digital future

Sign up with Enterpryze’s pre-approved solutions and enjoy the Digital Resilience Bonus in Singapore to help your SME move forward with the digital economy. 

The DRB initiative has concluded on 30 June 2021. The last payout will take place in July 2021.

What is the Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB)?

The Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB) is an initiative by the Singaporean government to help businesses adapt to a digitally demanding economy. This DRB is reserved for Food Service and Retail SMEs due to their close consumer-facing nature – so they can improve operational efficiency through innovative digital practices. Food Service and Retail organisations that qualify under Infocomm Media Development Authority’s  (IMDA) eligibility criteria are able to receive bonus payouts of up to SGD $5,000* to offset the cost of adopting a pre-approved digital solution.

Are you eligible?

  • Must be in the retail or F&B industry 
  • Incorporated on or before 26 May 2020 
  • Have an active PayNow Corporate account 
  • Have your business registered on the PEPPOL e-invoicing network 

Get started with Enterpryze's pre-approved solutions

Enterpryze believes that every SME can transform into a competitive force with the right support. We’d love to help you get started for your DRB – so you can instantly enjoy business banking, accounting, and inventory solutions for your Food Service and Retail business.

See all grants

Pre-approved solution for Category 1 Accounting & Inventory & Category 2 PEPPOL e-Invoicing

Secure payments with PEPPOL e-Invoicing

Integrated with PayNow QR to receive digital payments quickly

e-Payment and e-Invoicing features for digital payment options

Up to SGD5,000 in claimable payouts

No need for application

Full inventory management for Food Services and Retail enterprises

Powered with UOB BizSmart for total bank and business integration

Food & Beverage

Receive up to SGD $5,000 Bonus

Category 1

Claim SGD $2,500 bonus when you have Accounting and Digital Ordering.

Category 2

Claim SGD $2,500 bonus when you use Online Food Delivery or E-Procurement.


Receive up to SGD $5,000 Bonus

Category 1

Claim SGD $2,500 bonus when you have Accounting and Inventory Management.

Category 2

Claim SGD $2,500 bonus when you use an eCommerce solution.

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More questions?

How to apply for DRB?

There is no application form needed. When you register your interest with Enterpryze, we will help you submit your UEN to IMDA if you fit all of the eligibility criteria of the Digital Resilience Bonus in Singapore. 

How will my company benefit from using Enterpryze?

Enterpryze provides smaller, growing, or larger businesses the capacity to manage inventory and ensure optimum stock levels across locations. With Enterpryze – your business banking and accounting will be totally integrated with your supply chain; so that you can carry out your operations with more productivity every day.

What are the eligibility criteria?

You can use this checklist to understand if your SME is qualified to receive the DRB payouts: –

  • Is my UEN incorporated on or before 26 May 2020? 
  • Does my UEN have an active PayNow Corporate account? 
  • Is my UEN on the PEPPOL e-invoicing network? 

If your answer is ‘Yes’ to all the above, you can proceed to assess your eligibility for Category 1 or 2 here. 

When will my company receive the payout?

Payouts to qualified enterprises will start from August 2020. Processing time will take about 1 month, upon the submission of UENs by Providers of Qualified Solutions (or Supporting Banks) to IMDA.

Is there a time limit to qualify for the DRB scheme?

Let your PSG pre-approved solutions provider know and they will submit your UEN to IMDA if you are using the solutions from 1st June 2020 to 30th June 2021. The DRB initiative has concluded on 30 June 2021. The last payout will take place in July 2021.

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