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Welcome to the Enterpryze Onboarding Programme

The Enterpryze Onboarding Programme supports you on your Enterpryze journey. Experience step-by-step training sessions and setup tutorials to get you started with your solution.

What to Expect through the Onboarding Programme

Maximise the Session with One-to-one Guidance

Our Enterpryze Experts accelerate your training by focusing on your area of requirements.

Flexible Virtual Meetings

All onboarding sessions will be delivered online, so you have the flexibility to book a date and time slot of your convenience.

Laser-Focused Training

Your training will be curated around your chosen Enterpryze package, focused on maximising your business’ performance.

Schedule Your Personalised Training Today

Customers with an annual subscription package enjoy complimentary onboarding session(s) with our Enterpryze Experts.

4 hours session

Learn all about the Comprehensive Inventory Management seamlessly Integrated to Financials
All in Accounting, plus:
 Inventory (Items) Management
 Item Tracking with Sales and Purchases Transactions
 Accounting & Inventory Integration Overview
 Multiple Warehouses Management
 CRM Overview
6 hours session

CRM, Service Management and enhanced functions for scaling companies
All in Inventory, plus:
 Overview of an Integrated System
 Advanced Sales Features
 Advanced Purchase Features/locations
 Services Management
 Custom Fields for Documents
 Reports and PDFs

Want to Learn On Your Own?

Enjoy our resources, instantly.

Start learning instantly through video tutorials at our Enterpryze Academy, or head to our Knowledge Base and get your questions answered immediately.

Help Centre

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do I schedule my onboarding session?

Our team will reach out to you once you’ve subscribed to an annual subscription of either the Inventory or ERP package.  

If you’re on a different package, you can still schedule more onboarding sessions by contacting our Enterpryze Experts or reaching out directly to your Accounting Partner for more information.  

Do I need to schedule all my onboarding hours at the same time?

All training is delivered within a 2-hour block.

However, if you’ve purchased the Inventory or ERP packages, you may schedule multiple 2-hour blocks with breaks in between. We recommend not leaving a long gap between each session for better efficiency in your journey.

Will I receive any training materials after each session?

All sessions will be recorded, and those recordings will be sent to you after the session is completed.

You can visit the Help Center, Enterpryze Academy or speak to our Support Chat bot if you have further questions.

Is it possible to upgrade my Enterpryze package?

Yes, you can. Click on your subscription, chose the package you wish to upgrade to and purchase.

After my onboarding sessions what support is available if an issue?

Our Support Bot is available 24/7 to assist you if you have any questions. If you do require more assistance, our human Support Team will be able to assist you during business hours.

Check out our Help Centre or Enterpryze Academy for more resources.

I need more to purchase additional one-on-one training. Is this possible?

Yes. Enterpryze is happy to provide more training if the customer needs it.  

Go here to get in touch with our Enterpryze Experts, or alternatively, directly contact your Accounting Partner for more information.

Does the onboarding session include design of my company specific document layout?

The onboarding sessions cover navigation, functionality and the overall features of your subscription. You can browse our document gallery to choose a template that will suit your business here.

Is there a limit on how many participants can join the onboarding session?

No, you can invite as many participants as needed to attend the onboarding sessions. We encourage everyone using the system to be present in order to ensure a smoother overall experience.

Where can I check my onboarding hours balance?

Our Enterpryze Experts will specify how many onboarding hours you have left after each session, along with a calendar link for your next slot.

Do I qualify for free onboarding sessions?

You will need to subscribe to an annual subscription of the Inventory or ERP package to qualify for a free onboarding session.  

If you’re on a different package, contact our team of Enterpryze Experts to schedule more training sessions. Alternatively, you can directly contact your Accounting Partner for more training.  

Our Enterpryze Experts will be in touch with a calendar link for you to book your sessions. All sessions will be arranged during Enterpryze’s business hours, which are Monday to Friday 9.00 am – 5.30 pm excluding bank holidays. 

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