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Enterpryze Frequently Asked Questions
Enterpryze Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Does Enterpryze support SAP Business One browser access or is it a web app on its own?

Enterpryze is a completely web-based solution and does not rely on any components of SAP Business One to be loaded on the client side to operate. The solution will run on any HTML5 compliant web browser and uses 2048 SSL security to protect all data that is transmitted over the internet.

Is the licensing of Enterpryze managed on a named user basis or concurrent user basis?

Enterpryze is licensed on a per named user basis as is SAP Business One. All Enterpryze administration is managed via the web UI of the solution and access to each of the Enterpryze apps can also be managed on a user by user basis.

Can authorizations to features & functions in Enterpryze be set?

Enterpryze has both a web app as well as individual functional applications for IOS and Android devices. Access can be granted to each or all the apps and is managed by your company administrator once the system has been provisioned for your organisation. Access can be granted based on a user name or by defining roles and adding the role to a user’s profile.

I have multiple companies. Can Enterpryze be used with all my companies and is there an additional license fee per company?

Enterpryze is designed to work with all the companies you have set up in your SAP Business One installation and the process of changing companies is a simple single click on the company name in the main UI of the web app. There is no additional fee for additional companies as Enterpryze is licensed on a named user basis.

Will Enterpryze work with SQL or HANA?

Enterpryze will work with both SQL and HANA based SAP Business One installations. All access to the SAP Business One data and execution of transactions is done via the DI-API using a simple Windows service that is loaded on your SAP Business One server so the solution is database independent.

Can the apps and web UI be customized?

Enterpryze provides an API that allows for the extension of the overall solution however the standard delivered mobile apps and web app are not modifiable as they are designed for a mass market audience that expect a standard set of functionality and usability.

Can Enterpryze Apps work in offline mode?

Yes – even though internet coverage is improving every day, there are always scenarios where an online connection is not available. All Enterpryze mobile apps will work in an offline mode and data is updated once an internet connection is re- established.

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