Network Configuration Guide: Testing your configuration and connection

  • Check the access to the Enterpryze Data Service (EDS)

    Locally where it is installed

    Open the web browser on the server where your EDS is located and navigate to:

    It should only take a few seconds for something similar to:

    If you have to wait and then get an error message, instead of the desired response:

    The most likely causes of such problems are:

    1. The EDS is not running – please make sure it is started
    2. You are not on the same computer where the EDS is installed – please check whether you are really accessing the service locally
    3. There are additional security measures, like e.g. server’s own firewall enabled or security/anti-virus software, preventing the service from working. Please make sure there is nothing in the way of this communication

    From a computer in your company’s network

    Open the web browser on a PC/Laptop within your local network and navigate to:

    http://<The IP Address of your server where the EDS is installed>:8099/DI/Services/Heartbeat

    You should get the same type of response as above. If you do not, the most likely problems are:

    1. The URL address you entered is incorrect – please make sure you used http and not https, you entered the IP address of the computer where the EDIS is installed and there are no spelling errors
    2. There is something between your computer and the server blocking access – likely a firewall
    3. There is no network route between your computer and the server. Are you sure you are in the same network/subnet?

    From the Enterpryze Cloud

    The most likely reason for this test to fail is an error in the firewall or port forwarding setup.
    Please double check your IP addresses and port numbers for simple errors (e.g. wrong digit somewhere, misplaced dot etc.)
    Please double check your firewall rules and forwarding – you may want to return to the previous step.
    Have you really provided the IP address (and not e.g. your own) as the destination for forwarded traffic?

    Check the data transfer from EDIS, using Enterpryze Cloud

    This step will ensure that the actual data from your SAP Business One can be read and written from the Enterpryze Cloud.
    This is the ultimate way to verify the communication required for Enterpryze to work.

    Please log in at https://apps.enterpryze.com/#/common/login and proceed to the Administration section.

    Use the Integration tab, to show the Test panel

    You can use any table you want to test, SAP Business One’s OCRD (Business Partners) table seems relevant for most scenarios, hence we based our example below on that very table:

    If you can see the data – your configuration was successful, congratulations!
    You are now welcome to import some data to start working with Enterpryze.

    If any error messages appear, please let our support know and we will be happy to help.