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Connect to your favourite banks

Enterpryze can be used with many leading English Banks. Some of these include Bank of Scotland, Barclays, Santander & HSBC-so you can experience full accessibility with real-time bank feeds.

Partnered with Plaid

Enterpryze partners with Plaid to allow for secure and protected connections with bank accounts across Ireland, UK, US and some European countries.

ireland plaid


Bank of Scotland



Bank of Scotland


Do more with peace of mind

Plaid uses the PSD2 European Banking network, so you remain in complete control of your own bank connectivity.

Direct Bank Feed

Connect your bank accounts to receive feeds for reconciliation


Get notified of bank transaction movements

Bank Reconciliation

High powered bank reconciliation to keep your accounts up to date

Powerful Analytics

Dashboards and reports to provide valuable banking analysis

Integrated with Stripe

Collect payment from Stripe on your mobile

Supercharged with powerful reporting

View your complete financial data on a customisable dashboard.

Auto-matched bank reconciliation

Choose between reconciling your transaction in one click, or doing it manually — so all information aligns with your bank account.

Enterpryze is for the Startup, Small Business & Super Scaler

Always the perfect fit

Seamlessly upgrade for the package that best matches your business needs whenever you are ready. No need to change systems, Enterpryze scales with you.

Choose your package

Be a better business with Enterpryze

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